DPF and DOC Cleaning


The Diesel Particulate Filter on all 2007 and later engines should be cleaned every ~200,000 miles for on-highway truck application (or every ~60-80,000 for severed service application). Click here to view a list of OEM recommended DPF cleaning intervals.

Over time, ash will build up in the second chamber of the DPF, reducing its effectiveness. Common issues associated with soot build up in the DPF include: frequent re-gening, decreased fuel efficiency, and high exhaust back pressure. Left uncleaned, soot and ash collected in a DPF can damage or destroy a filter — resulting in a DPF replacement cost of $3,000 or more.

Mid-Atlantic Truck Centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art FSX DPF and DOC cleaning system. DPF cleaning services are available for all-makes vehicles and heavy-equipment. Your cleaning can be performed conveniently while your vehicle is in for service. Click here to schedule your DPF cleaning today!